Kitchen Renovation Gold Coast

High quality kitchen renovations on the Gold Coast are only a click away.
Birch Build is modelled after inspired designs and quality materials to create an experience unlike any other.
The kitchen is the lifeblood of the home and needs to be functional as well as welcoming. Jack is known for sourcing out materials and products that encompass the overall look and feel of your home and gives it that unique face to make it truly your own.


Kitchen and home renovations on the Gold Coast aren’t all that Birch Build offer. Jack’s unique love of bringing ‘the outside in’ is the perfect perspective for Australian living. 
Our comprehensive scope and kitchen renovation documentation is based around communication. You’ll find us easy to speak with and available to answer your questions to ensure clarity through every stage of planning, building and completion.


If you want your investment to really add value to your home, contact us today to find out more.

“Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.” – Andrew Zimmern



Meet Jack

Birch Build is proudly brought to you by Jack Brown. A builder and landscaper with decades of experience, his practiced eye and team are dedicated to providing you with an experience unlike any other.
Building and landscaping is so much more than fulfilling a scope. It is understanding the use of space and building it to yours – and his – exacting standards.
Our projects vary from the simple to the complex. Due to high demand, we urge you book your onsite visit today!