Due to high demand, we strongly encourage you to complete this Scope Document at your earliest convenience

The Process

Scope Document

This simple form takes only a few minutes to complete and is the first part of the process.


We'll use your scope document as a starting point to learn a little more about your expectations and timeframes

Inspiration Board

Your project is highly personal. We will work with you to produce an ideas or inspiration board to help spark ideas and direction


The size and space will have a lot to do with what materials and products can be installed. If your project requires plumbing, this is important too.


Now we know what you like and have measured the area we can create your proposal with anticipated timeline and milestones

Contract Approval

Sign the contract and initial payment is made

Works Begin

Materials are ordered and work begins

Project Completion

Once you are satisfied, we do a final project walk through and hand over.


         An overview of the steps into building

A residential project doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you’re revamping an area in your home or an existing yard, or landscaping for new construction, this overview will help you know what to expect. The process of landscaping your yard can be broken down into two phases: design and construction.


The designing phase consists of research, idea gathering, and planning. During this phase you, the homeowner, will work closely with Jack and his team that specializes in residential design. Together you will address design considerations such as the desired purpose for your project, what features will be included and what style will be employed.

The designing phase ends with you receiving a completed plan that proposes location and materials for hardscapes and outdoor living features, as well as plants.


The construction phase consists of the actual building process.
We would complete all of the construction, other times multiple

companies could be involved. During this phase we will work closely with you to bring to life the design plan created in the previous phase. At the end of construction, after testing and cleaning, your project will have been transformed into a space that’s ready for you to enjoy with friends and family.

Designing Your Build or Landscape

1. Get ideas for purpose, desired features and style (internet, books, magazines)

2. Complete a design questionnaire

3. Set a budget

4. Planning meeting and site evaluation

5. Plan review meeting

6. Final plan approval

Landscaping Construction

7. Review construction estimates

8. Demolition of unwanted surfaces and structures (if necessary)

9. Grading (ensures proper drainage)

10. Swimming Pool (excavation & construction)

11. Run utility lines (water, gas, electric)

12. Install irrigation system

13. Build walls (retaining, perimeter, seating)

14. Construct hardscapes (patio, deck, paths)

15. Install outdoor living elements (outdoor kitchens, fire pits, etc.)


16. Testing systems (irrigation, gas, electric)

17. Final cleaning and walkthrough



Meet Jack

Birch Build is proudly brought to you by Jack Brown. A builder and landscaper with decades of experience, his practiced eye and team are dedicated to providing you with an experience unlike any other.
Building and landscaping is so much more than fulfilling a scope. It is understanding the use of space and building it to yours – and his – exacting standards.
Our projects vary from the simple to complex. Due to high demand, we urge you to complete the scope document now for our team to discuss.