Landscaping Gold Coast

There is so much more to landscaping than just planting trees or filling out an area.
Birch build have worked on projects from large castles to small urban homes and all are guided by the same underlying principals.
Jack’s unique perspective of harmonising the interior with the exterior and using a broad range of materials has bought consistent success through out the years.
A great example of this is pathways. A pathway is a journey and must have a clear purpose, a start and end destination. From something as simple as this, a backyard can be transformed into a journey from the backdoor, to a fire pit and to a hidden fountain.
We love to mix things up with unique materials; sandstone, pebbles, decomposed granite, rockeries and cacti gardens are just some of what we have to offer your home or business.

If you want your investment to really add value to your home, contact us today to find out more.